Licensure and Certification

The founder is master plumber qualified, holding a C36 Plumbing contractor’s license issued by the State of California (License #0975085.) He is also licensed as a plumber by the City of Los Angeles and is registered as a plumber with Los Angeles County. The founder is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and O.S.H.A. for EPA Section 608 and Construction Safety respectively. The founder has an A.A. degree in Plumbing Construction Technologies.

From the Founder

It has been my pleasure to provide plumbing service to home and business owners throughout the South Bay for 25 years. I was born, raised, and received my primary education in Torrance, subsequently graduating with an A.A. Degree in Plumbing Construction Technologies at Los Angeles Trade Tech. After completing a plumbing apprenticeship I qualified as a journeyman plumber in 1987. I have since completed plumbing remodels and repairs in all South Bay cities and many in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County. I continue to study other building trades that are peripheral to my own; to date completing coursework in Steam Plant Operations, Backflow Prevention Devices, Solar Thermal Systems, and Refrigeration/AC Fundamentals.

I am forever dedicated to providing high quality, code-compliant workmanship, because the health and safety of my customers and those around them depends upon it. I genuinely enjoy working emergency and critical service calls, because of the trouble-shooting required, and when the problem is resolved, I find the satisfaction of having assuaged a customer’s anxiety highly fulfilling. We look forward to providing exceptional service on your next plumbing project or problem. 


Mark Zimmerman

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