Bathtub or Shower Stoppage

Hair clogs, sludge, or hard build-up in the line, may cause a stoppage of bathtub or shower drains. To prevent a hair clog in your bathtub or shower drain; make sure the strainer is installed and in good condition. When you have a stoppage of a bathtub drain, it is sometimes necessary to install a cleanout before the line can be effectively scoured with a rooter machine. Trap arms for shower drains are often longer than their bathtub counterparts, so replacing the shower drain trap arm is in some cases, the best course of action to resolve recurring stoppages. It is imprudent to try a small hand-operated rooter device purchased from a home improvement store. Manually cranking a one-quarter inch cable down your tub or shower drain can be very difficult, is usually not effective, and will do nothing to remove sludge or hard build-up from the line. Since bathtub and shower drain openings are often a low point in the drainage system, standing waste water in a bathtub or shower could indicate a bigger problem with the building drain or sewer system.

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