Circulating Pump Service

A hot water circulating pump is an indispensable component of hot water systems in many structures having a sprawling footprint. Circulating pumps keep a small amount of hot water flowing through the system so that hot water remains available a short distance from each fixture. Without a circulating pump, bathroom fixtures furthest from the water heater would need to purge a large volume of water before the water could run hot at the faucet. In addition to having to wait for hot water, a lot of water is wasted while the cold water is purging. Circulating pumps are usually run on a timer and are thereby active only when hot water use is anticipated. This keeps the cost of heating the water and running the pump to a minimum. Although circulating pumps are designed for extended life, constant usage and cycling will eventually cause your circulating pump to fail. If you find that it suddenly takes much longer to receive hot water from a faucet located far from your water heater, it is likely that your circulating pump is due for service or replacement. Employ a licensed plumber to repair any suspected problem with your circulating pump to avoid creating safety issues related to your hot water system.

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