Clogged Toilet

Modern water-saving commodes are a necessity–especially with California suffering from an unprecedented drought. Since they use much less water, most toilets in service today do not flush as well as the 5 gallon water guzzlers of the past. Less water per flush also means less scouring of the line downstream from the toilet, and reduced scouring can lead to hard build-up in the drain. If you have been sitting on the john long enough to review of an entire day of sports news, without flushing, there is a good possibility you will end up with a clogged toilet. You can minimize the likelihood of a clogged toilet by ensuring that each flush load does not exceed what the toilet can handle. Anytime something solid enters the toilet–you should give it a flush. Generally, liquids entering the toilet do not require an immediate flush–this is how you can do your part to help California through its drought. Most importantly, be sure to keep anything that doesn’t belong in the toilet from falling in. Toothbrushes, small children’s toys, and feminine products are common culprits when it comes to more substantial costs associated with a clogged toilet.

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