Drain Snake or Rooter Service

Rooter service, a type of drain cleaning, has undoubtably more media exposure than any other type of plumbing service. This is because drain stoppages are fairly common, and sales organizations (masquerading as plumbing service companies) spend lots of money on rooter service ads to attract customers with slow drains and stoppages. Do these companies simply enjoy clearing clogged sink drains? Not Usually. They just want to get a foot in your door so they can upsell you–often to the extent of replacing all of the drain lines on your property–no matter what condition they are in. Therefore, it is prudent to avoid rooter specialists that spend large on advertising. That said, most properties in the South Bay are more than 50 years old and it is very common to find a slow kitchen drain, or some other clogged drain, that is leaking or nearly closed because of hard buildup in the line. If your drain lines have been under a concrete slab for a half-century or more, expect to have one or two sections that have settled and become partially disconnected from the system. Raw sewage under your house can undermine the foundation and cause serious health issues. A stoppage in an old drain line is sometimes a symptom that the line has become unsound and needs replacing. To ensure an accurate assessment of your drain problem, employ an honest plumber when you have a stoppage or need rooter service.

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