Prudential Plumbing℠ is a small plumbing company serving Hermosa Beach and most cities in the Los Angeles South Bay. We regularly provide plumbing service in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Lomita, Lawndale, Harbor City, San Pedro, and all locations on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Hermosa Beach Service Plumbing 90254

Hermosa Beach–using zip code 90254, is one of the three Beach Cities that together comprise most of the western border of the South Bay–Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach are the other two. Hermosa Beach may be the most festive city in the South Bay as its pier, strand, bars and restaurants, attract large fun-loving crowds of South Bay residents and tourists during the summer. In Hermosa Beach, the marine air tends to have a corrosive effect on faucet finishes and trim. Polished brass faucets in particular, can corrode away and need replacement in a few months unless they are wiped dry after each use and given a coat of wax once per week. A chrome finish on faucets, shower doors, and other hardware associated with the bathroom and kitchen, is a prudent choice in Hermosa Beach because chrome is more resilient in a marine environment than most other finishes.

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