High Water Bill and Water Leak Detection

High water bills and notices indicating excessive water usage can be distressing. Hidden water leaks can go undetected for many days, and a water bill that is hundreds of dollars higher than expected may be the first indication that your water system is leaking. You have been living or working on the property during the time the bill shows high water usage, yet there is no sign of where the water went. How can you fix a leak you can’t even find?
Your potable water system is constantly pressurized and even a microscopic hole or path will let water escape continuously until it is repaired. A small hole that is leaking water 24/7 can waste thousands of gallons of water in a month. Valves, faucets, toilets, water heaters, showers, bathtubs, irrigation systems, or even a bad section of copper pipe can be the source of your water leak. The leak may be underground, in your foundation, in the walls, attic, or hiding within a fixture.
Detecting the source of a water leak will often confound seasoned and determined DIY individuals, handymen, and plumbers with minimal exposure to hidden leaks. Substantial experience in water leak detection is the key factor in securing a timely and final resolution to your water usage problem. To minimize the financial consequences of a high water bill, employ a highly experienced plumber as soon as the excessive water usage comes to your attention.

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