Hose Bib Addition

If your leaking hose bib is attached to a copper pipe via a threaded fitting, it is usually trivial to back-up the pipe-side fitting with a second wrench, twist the old hose bib off, and put a new one on–Shut Off The Water Supply Main First. (Don't forget to use a vacuum breaker with the new hose bib and do this replacement at your own risk.) If your hose bib is threaded onto galvanized steel pipe, or sweated (soldered) on, the odds are you will need to employ a licensed plumber whether you initially call one or not. It is definitely not prudent to try to rebuild the hose bib, but if you don’t mind losing time in the attempt and potentially being without water for a while–have a go. Adding or relocating a hose bib brings various plumbing codes into play, so employ a licensed plumber if you need a hose bib where you do not have one now.

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