Main line or Sewer Service

A good portion of main line and sewer stoppages are caused by roots invading and blocking the line. Stately, shade providing trees, or hearty shrubbery, can send roots many feet laterally to invade your sewer. Most sewer lines in the South Bay were originally constructed of clay pipe joined with mortar. These mortar joints are notorious for failing due to earth movement and settling over time. Micro cracks in the mortar joints are soon exploited by roots–eventually leading to sections of sewer pipe becoming partially or entirely root infested. Rooter service may clear your sewer stoppage temporarily, but at this point your sewer line is both watering and fertilizing the offending flora. In addition to creating a blockage, the encroaching roots can cause the original course of the sewer line to be altered, and even when the sewer is clear, it may no longer effectively carry waste away from the structure. If you have had more than one incident requiring main or sewer service, it is prudent to repair or replace the line. Having sewage stoppage contaminate the interior or exterior of your home or business, or an adjacent property, can be a distressful and expensive experience.

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